Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally managed to fill in the oval on my presidential ballot today. It was tough for me. I think I'm always waiting for that great candidate, but let's face it, this is politics and great isn't really something that comes with the territory. Now I just get to hear all of the commercials and wish they would go away. Only 6 more days...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

summer lovin'

It's so odd how you notice, seemingly overnight, that the days are getting shorter and shorter...One thing that kept me laughing all summer was this video:

It pretty much reeked of boy band flava. It took me back to middle school and reminds me the most of LFO's little diddy:

Believe it or not, I have actually seen LFO in concert (I swear, the dark haired one totally made eye contact with me). I admit to this embarrassing truth, because, let's be honest, it has to factor into my current life about as much as those pogs do that I used to play with at recess (I hope).

If you can manage to make it all the way to the end of the New Kids video - the funniest, boy band signature moves start around the 2:30 mark.

Monday, August 11, 2008


It's about that time...

but beware: you can't believe everything you see online.

some things never change

I recently made a drunken mistake which landed me with a black eye (you should see the other guy...). All seriousness, I fell getting out of the backseat of a car. Here I am, thinking this is a random event, when I soon found out from my mother that this type of thing is in my fate. Per my source, I learned that as a small child, I never got the hang of putting my hands out to catch myself when I would fall. For most of my young life I walked around with a permanent bruise on my forehead because of this. According to my mom, she was weary of taking me out in public because she was afraid that people would think she was abusing me. This little piece of information puts a lot of my adult life in perspective. I guess now I have an excuse for returning to work every Monday with a new bruise.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm this many

Age ain't nothin but a number, but it sure can make you feel old.

Monday, June 23, 2008


A little over a month ago my grandpa passed away. After weeding through the security line at the airport, I ended up at the check point. On previous trips I had always been able to sneak larger-than-3-oz. sized fluids/liquids. Go figure that on this trip, when I was already incredibly bummed out and silent I would get caught smuggling. My defense? The bottle, which was marked at 4 oz. was practically empty, and therefore well below the 3 oz. limit. The guard wasn't going to let it fly. He gives me a smile, and then asks if I was headed home from school (turns out that to many strangers I look like I'm a teenager, even though I'm going on 25). I thought about lieing so I could get through the line without having to talk about anything too personal, but in the end the idea took too much energy to carry out. I tell him where I'm headed and he tells me to stay put. He walks back with this:

Turns out that he used to give out hugs but was told that that wasn't "professional." It just goes to show you that the unexpected really does catch you by surprise. Standing in the middle of that crowded airport, I felt a little less alone and a lot more optimistic. His gesture helped me to focus on how wonderful a person my grandpa was. Now I'm just trying to live by example.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my apologies

I just realized that I have been very very bad at posting in 2008. Three posts in four months? Unacceptable. I promise though, that I've been busy! If I'm not working, I've been boarding. Most likely running into things and hurting myself in the process. I keep going regardless of the sprained ankle, near arm breakage, and knee-on collision with a boulder. It came out of no where, I swear. As today is the first of April my time left on the mountain is short and will soon enough be over. What will I do with my "spare" time??

you don't know me!

I stumbled onto this website last night and I have to admit, I fall into a lot of these...Give me my North Face and my ipod and I am a happy girl.

Stuff White People Like

Saturday, March 15, 2008

present for you

I recently moved in with a friend. She had cleaned out a lot of her stuff and things that she didn't want anymore, she gave to me. These kinds of spring cleanings can feel like you are going to a garage sale in your own house. All kinds of new and fun goodies at your disposal. My behavior, though, made me laugh. She gave me a couple of bottles of hair stuff from the bathroom. I thankfully and graciously accepted them...and then went on to put them in my room. Why? They belong in the bathroom - where they came from. I thought about this and thought it was really funny. It was almost like they went in my room to signify that I accepted them and they now belonged to me. Is this human nature of accepting a gift, or am I just really bizarre???

Monday, February 04, 2008

itunes blunders

I may be sleep deprived but I am awake enough to know I've been had. I was so excited to log onto itunes tonight to find that the new Jack Johnson cd that is coming out tomorrow was already available to download...so I jumped on it. I got out my gift card (a lovely Christmas gift) and got ready. First, itunes seemed to be having error issues. I got through it. Then I had to update my account info. It wasn't until after my card got charged that I saw you had to go to a completely different section to begin with to enter your gift card info. Why can't itunes be more like amazon and just do it all at the end of your purchase? I'm a huge fan of apple products. But I thought their big thing was simplicity and ease of use? If they won't put the gift card entry at the end of a purchase, atleast make the link at the begining REALLY big. :(