Monday, February 04, 2008

itunes blunders

I may be sleep deprived but I am awake enough to know I've been had. I was so excited to log onto itunes tonight to find that the new Jack Johnson cd that is coming out tomorrow was already available to I jumped on it. I got out my gift card (a lovely Christmas gift) and got ready. First, itunes seemed to be having error issues. I got through it. Then I had to update my account info. It wasn't until after my card got charged that I saw you had to go to a completely different section to begin with to enter your gift card info. Why can't itunes be more like amazon and just do it all at the end of your purchase? I'm a huge fan of apple products. But I thought their big thing was simplicity and ease of use? If they won't put the gift card entry at the end of a purchase, atleast make the link at the begining REALLY big. :(