Saturday, December 15, 2007

the sound of music

I was surprised to find out that Harry Potter has a little ghetto fab in him.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The '07-'08 snowboarding season has been anything other then ordinary. My first day up a couple of weeks ago I managed to be the proud owner of a runaway board that decided to launch down a small hill and head directly toward a group of people waiting in line to get on the lift. Not wanting to look like I didn't care if it hit anyone, I actually tried to run after it. In my snowboarding boots. It didn't work well. I did not catch up to it.

Later that same day, I managed to sprain my ankle.

My next time up I was staying overnight at a hotel during a weekend event which included 36 hours of events and skiing/boarding time. My floor had a lot of big groups of high school/college kids. One room managed to set the fire alarm off for the entire hotel by the massive amounts of pot they decided to smoke. Walking out my door, the smell hit you in the face. It was obvious what the culprit was. This occurred around 8 am. I was THIS close to getting in the shower. Sometimes I am glad that I'm lazy in the morning.

My most recent attempt was cut short due to my inability to wake up to my alarm. I overslept and by the time we got on the mountain it was already 12:30 in the afternoon. We did a few runs and then I was lost. After my 30 minute wait I had a 1 hour lunch with my friends. We did a run and couldn't stand how cold it was. I did a total of three runs that day. Maybe not worth the drive and gas, but the view was nice.

they're baaaack

Back in the late 80's early 90's I was a huge fan of American Gladiators. I don't really know why. I guess I am easy to entertain. You can only imagine how excited I was to find out that NBC is bringing the show back in January of '08. A lot of the old events seems to be making a comeback, but from the commercials, the show seems to have more of a sexy edge. If you go to the Gladiator Zone website you can read up on the new Gladiators. The guys seem to have a little bit of a crazy look to them. I don't think I would do well if I crossed them on the street. All of this change made me nostalgic. You really can't beat the spandex that was my childhood.